Master your Mitel platform and improve your customer's communication experiences.

Understanding TmsNCC Log Files

Join us for a conversation about TmsNcc logs and review processes, as we finish up our Mitel VoiceConnect Admin Training series. Gain detailed knowledge about inbound calls, outbound calls, and troubleshooting basics.  Read More.

Pulling Log Files

Pulling log files is a key task to administer your Mitel System. You can spot and troubleshoot various issues by reviewing logs. In our webinar, we’ll cover pulling logs and how you can analyze them.   Read More.

Configuring Event Filters

Need to configure your event filters to get notification of an event before anyone else? Let us show you how to achieve better visibility in your MiVoice Connect system in realtime.  Read More.

MACs – Moves, Adds, and Changes

Let the brightest engineering minds help you take your knowledge of Mitel Connect to the next level. This webinar is part 1 of a 4 part series on Administration Function Training and centers around Administration Moves, Adds, and Changes, with an in-depth look into 4 critical system admin tasks.  Read More.

Build a Better Work-from-Home Communication Strategy

Use your Mitel unified communications platform to develop a strategy to integrate work-from-home employees. Learn how to give remote workers full access to collaboration and communication tools, resulting in a more connected, engaged, and productive workforce.  Read More.

SIP Trunking Considerations and Planning

SIP trunking synchronizes communication channels, connecting both IP and analog devices through the Internet and eliminating the need to replace out-dated equipment or to maintain separate voice circuits. This webinar will give you the information you need to analyze the utility of SIP trunking for your organization and to plan a migration strategy.  Read More.

Unified Communications Strategy with Mitel

Do your current Business Continuity Plans support a fully-engaged remote workforce? In this interactive discussion, learn how to integrate various systems to support work-from-home users in a scattered workforce environment with your Mitel unified communications platform tools.  Read More.