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Phone Systems

3300 ICP System Reliability and Availability Summary


5550 IP Console

Providing Enterprise Console Attendant Advanced Presence Information


The Mitel® 5550 IP Console is a PC-based attendant console and administration application for the Mitel Communications Director (MCD). It combines an intuitive PC interface and a specialized telephony keypad for easy dialing and quick access to call processing and telephony features. With teleworker support, the corporate answering point is flexible and mobile. Attendants can now work from anywhere, at anytime.

Teleworker Solution


In the face of rising energy prices, globalization, and increased competition, there has been a quiet revolution in the way companies are revisiting the notion of teleworking. Recent advances in voice and data communications are re-defining the very nature and form of work. Traditional work day activities are no longer tied to a specific time or location. In this new corporate scenario, employees across internal departments can now work collaboratively and access in-house knowledge distributed across remote locations - be it from home or across the globe.

SX-200 IP Communications Platform


Advanced, Affordable Communications System for Small Business

3300 Controllers


Providing feature-rich IP communication and advanced user applications to corporate local and wide area networks

Mitel SX-200 to Mitel 3300 ICP Migration


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