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Analog - Digital - VoIP - Call Accounting - Video Conferencing - Security - Mobility

We Do It ALL!

No matter how old your system is, we can help.

* SX – 2000
* Octel Voice Mail
* NuPoint Messenger
* Refurbished Equipment
* Non Mitel Gear

Many of our customers have found that there is definite value in utilizing refurbished equipment for the right application. Using refurbished equipment provides another way to get the right equipment with the features you’ve been wanting, while still staying within budget. Some businesses find significant value in bundling refurbished equipment with a new system, delivering both the technology “extras" and a cost effective price point.

We have qualified VARS who can keep your products running. We can add new “VoIP” (3300) to old digital (SX-2000).

Instead of buying and installing an expensive new system, your company can lease a new system as a managed service. Another cost effective option would be hosted VoIP.

Why spend money you don’t need to? Our service consultants know how to keep your old gear running!

Contact us at: or call 212 932-7577 for a free, no obligation quote.


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