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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

MitelService is finding ways for its clients to save money and the planet at the same time.
Green Initiatives

Like most conscientious businesses today, MitelService does its share to assure global sustainability and protect the environment. In fact, the very nature of MitelService’s business model is good for the environment.

Our 1200 KW wind turbine produces enough electricity to power our Cambridge, MD facility.

And like many of our business neighbors, MitelService recycles its share of paper, plastic, metal, glass and electronic equipment.

MitelService is also proud to have been at the forefront of tele-commuting. In a recent interview for Chile-IT, MitelService was recognized as an example of what was to come. The article was quoted as saying, “MitelService focused on getting the very best people on-board regardless of where they lived. Today, thanks to great telecom technology, many of the staff still work from home, connected by VoIP Phone systems and the internet. This also results in happy, productive employees and very low turnover.” Taking this philosophy a step further, the savings MitelService typically finds hidden in its clients' communications expenses allows those clients to increase the number of their own employees working at home, without potentially incurring additional expense.

Consider this: The average server consumes 400 watts of energy. Multiply that by the number of customers and for every 100 customers, we are replacing 40,000 watts of energy with only 2,000 watts for Mitel’s servers. That’s a savings of 38,000 watts or enough power for forty small businesses.

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