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Our goal is your satisfaction. We help you better use your equipment while reducing costs - a win-win!

Are you affiliated with Mitel or Intertel in any way?

No, we are a privately held LLC that provides consulting to the Mitel/Inter-tel community. Our key employees and consultants are former Mitel and Inter-tel employees who have the knowledge and certifications to provide you with information that will help you achieve your goals.

Do you charge or bill us for your service?

No, we never charge you for this service; we arrange quotes from pre approved certified dealers in good standing with the manufacturer, and if you choose to do business with them, we bill them for a pre-arranged fee.

This allows you to use us for information and input, but you and only you decide if making the changes or purchases make sense for your company.

Can you help us with cable or data needs?

Yes, we represent both large and small companies who can quote and install cat 5/6 cable as well as video security cameras and DVRs.

Many times we can find you one Var to replace all three, allowing you to deal with one vendor which will not only save time and money, but eliminate finger pointing.

My current service provider informed me that our equipment manufacturer was discontinued and they could no longer service me. Is that true?

Many of the older systems were manufacturer discontinued which means they no longer make parts for the PBX. However many of our certified resellers can still service the equipment using reconditioned (used) parts, so in most instances, we can find someone who will service your system with the hope of building a relationship with you to become your new solution provider.

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