“Today It’s all about Teamwork !”

As we all go about our busy schedules and deal with the maze of technology in the year 2012 !
It has dawned on me that now more than ever you need a good team !
That Team consists of your co-workers but also your vendors, consultants,sub contractors etc
No one person can do it all these days!
We just did a project for a large NYC company that wanted to upgrade their VOIP, add bandwidth to their MPLS and reduce costs on their video conferencing, With 14 locations and multi vendors it was no easy task, yet it went very well due to Teamwork! The customer lead the charge and set the tone but the partners,system intergrators,carriers all did their parts!
No finger pointing, just the desire to exceed the expectation!
That’s not to say that every project goes perfectly, But I think the bar has been raised by more competition, smarter customers and an overall understanding that we all win or lose together!
So lets continue to raise the bar, leave the ego’s at the door ! and make it happen!
Enjoy the summer!

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