Nearshoring Works!

In a world where we have catch phrases that can mean different things to differnt people , such as The Cloud ? Unified Communication ? or Nearshoring ?
At Web Associates LLC we are involved with many Central and Latin American clients and continue to use the term nearshoring.
I think Nearshoring can include geography outside of Latam but the key to why it seems to work for US corporations is the following:
Time Zone– As development becomes more complex and most companies use Agile methodologies time zone is a critical success factor
Culture– This seems to work well in the world of Agile development also
Stability– The most stable countries seem to provide a better platform for growth
Education– Universities tend to work and partner with companies to fuel the workforce required for quality development
Low Turnover-It seems that the turn over rates in India have sored upwards of 30%, yet in Latam they are less than 5 % in most countries.

So as with anything else there are pro’s and con’s but from where I sit I see Nearshoring as a great competitive differentiator!

If you haven’t checked into it you should ! check out our partners on
Happy Holiday’s!

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