Cuba-IT “Ready for Prime time !”

Despite being one of the world’s last standing communist regimes, Cuba has proved masterful at reinventing its economic priorities in troubled times. With the new and warmer relationships between the US and Havana much progress has been made with IT development and research.Impact_Deluxe_II_33.5x80_Banner

The latest transformation is an IT revolution that is positioning the country as an attractive outsourcing option for American companies, and as a natural gateway to the Canadian and Latin American markets.

Since 1991, Cuba’s information technology sector has been developing at warp speed and now consists of about 45,000 highly skilled workers, 38 per cent of whom have specialized degrees. More than 85 per cent of the country’s IT industry is concentrated in technical services and software development.

“We’ve been investing in this sector for the last 2 years and we now have 35 highly skilled IT workers at every level,” says Tom Penichter, general manager at , the marketing arm of Web Associates LLC of Information Technology and Communications. “IT doesn’t require a lot of financial investment . . . but a considerable amount of time.

We test each developer and rank their skills, English and ability to challenge the work.

We hire the top 2% and begin their journey working on internal projects before taking on Agile responsibilities’ with the larger customers.

We have tremendous expertize in Drupal, PHP,Magento,Wordpress  as well as the more basic .Net and Java

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90 miles away, same time zone and culture makes Cuba the “Best Nearshore destination “

Did I mention great food, fishing beaches as well as world class rum and cigars !

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