Service Contract’s Do you need them ?

5340 IP Phonedigital TechWe all look for ways to cut costs in today’s tough business climate, Have you reviewed your service contracts lately?
In the world of  VOIP telephone systems, cloud based voice mail, data, lan and wan routers and switches you need to examine the total costs

Who really likes paying for SMARTnet !!!

It’s not just annual service contracts but T&M(time and material)costs. What is your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership )
Are you spending too much ? Can you reduce the number of contracts as well as cost ?

A single vendor means less finger pointing when problems arise !
Ask your current  vendor(s)  for a discount, get a few competitive quotes, are you paying for trunks (dial tone) that you don’t use, (fax #’s etc) get your phone company to give you an inventory.. How do you handle cell phones, tablets and teleworking ?

How many different plans, bills and service contracts do you manage ?

Even if you keep everything status quo you will be better off for paying attention to your business bottom line.
Every dollar you can save will add up over time.

You can often get help from Telecom Management companies  who can give you benchmarks for companies your size.

Good Luck !

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