Are you using SIP ?

The world is moving fast these days! Everyone wants more for less !The world of VOIP has changed the way we communicate. and that brings us to SIP!
“Session Initiation Protocal “ An idea that was born in a computer science lab less than 10 years ago.
A protocal that enables multi-user sessions regardless of media content.
Today most of the Carriers and CLEC’s are offering SIP based services, developers are creating sip based applications.
So SIP is here to stay! “Flexable,extensible and open” SIP is galvanizing the power of the Internet and creating a new generation of services.

SIP provides for the following basic requirements in communications:

Session Establishment
Session participation management
Limited Feature Establishment
Internet Telephony
Distribution of multimedia content
Advantages of SIP
Sip provides intelligence at the edge
Virtual numbering
supports any network transport medium
mobilty and presence support
business continuity/disaster recovery
Cost Savings (eliminate PRI’s)


Like any other technology wave, SIP should be deployed after careful examination and considering all your options
Make sure the SIP migration strategy is the right move for your enterprise.
Ask Questions
But know that SIP like VOIP is becoming a “When” rather than an “If” question in today’s enterprise
It’s time has come and it should be part of your evolving network strategy.

Let us know your thoughts and how you will deploy SIP moving forward.

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