Trade Shows are Back !

We know that the world has changed and that technology is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. We all like gadgets! We see vaule in technology that helps us do more for less !
But how do you sort it all out?  “Trade Show’s”  The pub crawl at 3:30pm !!!

The economy is back and so are Trade Shows !

Yes they are smaller and more focused ! But people are going and using them to learn as well as find new partners and services !
I attended several Tech trade shows in the last few weeks,  and saw lots of interesting stuff! (a technical word) Video phones, security compliance, VOIP systems and even other countries selling their stuff! (International technical word) We talk alot at mitelservice about slow rolling into the future, leverage your investment and grow as your needs and budget allow !
So when we think of SIP, Voip and Cloud Computing I think we need to better understand the value proposition of each, weigh the cost vs the risks and then make our decisions !

The Cloud is certainly the future for many applications and managed services but many are still undefined!
security is a big issue !

So lets agree that all this “STUFF” is good, but we need to do our homework, ask questions and if you do plan on moving forward start with a small project and work out the issues before a big deployment!

Check with our partners listings for information and free quotes !

So get our there and register for a Trade Show !!

and don’t forget the pub crawl at 3:30pm !!


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