The weather may be cooling ! but Mobility is hot !

WIFIOk, We all know that the world is full of technology !

We also know everyone has a different idea of what it all means ! UC or unified communications has a sub set called mobility which can allow for teleworkers to have the same capabilities anywhere in the world from their soft phone (laptop/tablet) or smart phone! As someone who started out with the magic of “Touch Tone” (I’m dating myself!) I rarely get to excited about the next great wave! But lately I really see the magic of “mobility” The idea of saving cellular minutes by using “wi-fi” at your home or office or in an airport anywhere in the world makes sense! For the International traveler 4 digit dialing for free in Costa Rica or London with all the bells and whistles that you have at your desk! is amazing..

The ROI is months not years, You have security and the ability to do all kinds of things such as record calls, It works well with the new BYOD applications..

This technology makes the old, feature and benefit argument a no-brainer !!

So the next time someone offers you a seminar or demo on “Mobility” Take a look and you will be glad you did!

What say you ?

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