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What is Accessibility?

Web accessibility is understood to mean access to the web from anywhere in the world, regardless of social and demographic circumstances, the devices involved, and the capacities of the users themselves when accessing information.

Thus, theW3C (W3C) defined the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), which proposes a set of guidelines purporting to solve problems that a page design might cause a user who is disabled to a certain extent (or anybody who has difficulty accessing the information).

KI Teknology Access Policy

Our design department has included in its work methodology a line of web research in which we constantly check new techologies for how they can help people efficiently carry out their jobs at the time they visit or work on a web site.

Similarly, we have a team of expert professionals in usability, accessibility and architecture of the information, which guarantees that all our designs use the standard formats prescribed by the W3C follow the general accessibility guidelines generated by theWAI and meet the standards of Decree #100 for the development of government web sites.

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